Saturday, May 22, 2010

Final Project II: "Man-Made Disasters"

This triptych was not critiqued by the class, but I can speak on what my ideas were behind it. I took the ideas from my emulation project to create interesting trees and a soft landscape that was also rather washed out. In black pen I drew "man-made disasters" that have occurred over time. The first depicts "London's Killer Fog" of 1952 caused by the citizens of the city burning coal at an alarming rate to heat their homes in the rapidly changing weather. Many died from the resulting smog. The second depicts the forest fires that raged through California in 2009, some of which were natural and a part of the survival of the ecosystem, however some were also deliberately caused by human hands and destroyed much of California's wildlife and forced millions out of there homes and killed 12 people. The third depicts the most recent man-made disaster, the oil drill explosion in the gulf is currently reeking havoc on the ecosystem and attempts to clean up the spill have not been successful. The black pen is dirty and unsightly in these soft and beautiful watercolor landscapes, just as the man-made disasters have done nothing for the landscapes that they have ruined and ecosystems they have affected.

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